Chlo-Batteries Malawi Limited is a private limited company wholly owned by Malawians who have extensive experience in automotive and back up batteries.

We are the largest and reliable automotive battery supplier and its accessories as well as power back-up batteries. It is geographically spread across the country in all strategic corners of Malawi market to support its existing and prospective clients.

Our PRODUCTS & Services

Our focus is on providing reliable all range / sizes automotive batteries and power back-up batteries and their accessories together with unrivalled technical support services.


From as small as for Petrol engines with the engine capacity of less than 1.0cc, NS 40, N40 ( 630 / 631 ), N50 (621 / 622 ) and DIN 45 ( 628), NS70 (638) and DIN 55 (646), N70 (650 /651)DIN 66 (652) to mostly used on buses, heavy goods and articulated trucks N100 (671 - 674) / 105ah / N120 (682 - 683) / N150 (690) / N200 (694) Read More
back up batteries

We mainly provide two categories of Power back up Batteries namely, FCP Batteries and Deep cycle batteries (50AH, 70AH, 100AH, 105AH, 120AH, 200AH). Our assurance is in providing the right type with our unrivalled technical know-how and support that keeps you running your businesses, your home or for any other use Power back up systems. Read More


Amongst several other reasons, we hereby group them as follows:

  • Unrivalled 12 months warrant period, offering value for your money
  • Fresh batteries and the availability of qualified staff and technical team. Well trained by the manufacturers of Exide batteries to serve the market better with speed and flexibility
  • 98% of our focus is on automotive batteries and power back-up batteries and their accessories
  • Outlets situated in strategic geographical locations with the sole aim to ensure that the market is not starved of the most reliable brand from a reliable supplier.
  • 24 hours hotline to rescue any battery challenge within Malawi market regardless of the brand a call is using.
  • Free distilled water and free battery check-up any time at any of our Outlets

Our valuedCorporate clients;

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